In the past all the Table Grape vineyards were grown in the open field without any protection. Some years ago different university's around the world tested growing Table Grape under different nets, Transparent nets, Black nets, White nets, colored nets and Pearl net. The % of shade that was tested was from 8% to 30% shade.

After those years of testing it been concluded that the Crystal Pearl net 18% shade was the best net in areas with hot summer. The Crystal Pearl net 18% create shade to the vine, reduce the temperature, raise some the humidity and gave allot of diffuse light that penetrate good thru the canopy of the vine. The tests were on different varieties of Table Grape.

The vine under the Crystal Pearl net 18%:

  1. Have more vigor growth.
  2. Better control of insects like Auchenorrhyncha (Cicada) and Ceratitis capitata and more different insects.
  3. Less work in the thinning cluster.
  4. Much more water efficiency.
  5. The net gives protection to the crop from natural damages like wind, hail, sand storm etc.
  6. Higher quality of the Grape and better yield.
  7. More control on the vine growth.

The nets can be spread on a shade house structure in two ways in a flat shade house structure or in a zig zag shade house structure.

In the zig zag shade house, if the distance between two lines of vines is 3 m' the net that have to be order is 3.7 m' width by jumbo rolls length and will be catted to the correct length in the field and if the distance between two lines of vines is 4 m' the net that have to be order is 4.8 m' width.

The zig zag structures are better for windy areas.


Fig. 1. Flat Shade house structure.
Flat Shade house structure

Fig. 2. Zig Zag Shade house structure.
Zig Zag Shade house structure

General information on the net:

Fig. 3. Crystal Pearl net 18%.
Crystal Pearl net 18%

  • Leno Style Woven Net
  • 18% Effective Shade
  • High Tensile Strength
  • UV protected, Warranty for 5 years.
  • Benefits:
    • Reduced water consumption
    • Reduced Sun Burn effect
    • Physical blockage of Birds and large aviary pests
    • Protection from Hail damage
    • Diffusion of light, increased fruit quality, size and tonnage
    • Reduction of wind damage
    • Re Useable


To download "Table Grape under net" click here