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Company Profile

Meteor is a global leader in developing and manufacturing agricultural technology solutions. With over 70 years of proven experience and worldwide leadership, the company specializes in crop protection and crop enhancement.

Our protective netting for agriculture provides a unique, cutting-edge solution that ensures insect prevention and growth control, and withstands harsh weather conditions. By cooperating with the most renowned research institution and agro-tech companies in Israel, Meteor is constantly developing state-of-the-art crop protection solutions that meet the costumers' requirements. All products are tested and proven to suit a large variety of climates and environments – and comply with the strictest internationals standards. The Meteor solutions and products serve a wide range of vegetable, fruit and herb growers, and our satisfied customers span the globe from Europe through the United States and South America to Africa and the Far East.

All products are sold with a five-year warranty, to give our customers peace of mind.

We also offer professional customer service and consultancy, provided by our in-house agronomist.


The main systems offered include:

Insect prevention for vegetable and herb growers, through high density monofilament netting with UV protection;

Photo Selective netting for enhanced insect protection, through bio-technical disorientation;

High tensile strength netting for protecting fruit plantations against hail and large aviary pests and birds;

Colored shade nets for growth control and sunburns protection.