Agriroof 172

The AGRIROOF premier greenhouse covering is for all types of cultivation.

Made from high quality coated woven polyethylene cloth to the highest standards consistent with PUYOUNG'S ISO 9001 accreditation.

Contains special new additives to give extra performance.

AGRIROOF'S extra strength (1800 kg/M) makes it hail and tear resistant and long lasting.

AGRIROOF'S unique package of additives assures that it blocks out the harmful UV light.

AGRIROOF contain a unique package of additives assuring that they block out UV light.

The absence of UV light greatly reduces the spread of fungal diseases such as botrytis.

The lack of UV light deters insects such as aphids from entering the greenhouse.

Contains Antidrip to help prevent droplets of moisture falling onto the plants and improving light transmission.

Contains IR additives to keep the foliar temperature higher in the greenhouse during the cold nights.


Meteor Warranty for Agriroof 172

Technical details:

Weave: Tight weave coated
Shade percentage: 12%
Color: Clear
Weight per sqm: 172 gram
Material: HDPE
UV resistance (years): 3

Can be recyclable and it is friendly to the environment
Made in Israel