Photo-Selective BioNet® 50 mesh

Photo-Selective Bionet® net protect the crop in two ways, one by the size of the hole that is smaller than the insects and the second way is optic, the net have special additives that block some of the light in specific wave length that cause the insects that penetrate to the structure to have less orientation in the field and they don't get to the crop and die. Photo-Selective Bionet® net protects the crop against Whitefly, leaf miner, Aphids, Thrips, mite and more insects. Thanks to this net the grower can have more yield and better quality from his crop, with much less spraying chemicals. This net can be used in all stable structures in vegetables, herbs and flowers. Mainly used in Tomato, Cucumber, Pepper, Chive, Basil and more crops. The Photo-Selective Bionet® is worldwide patent and a breakthrough innovation in agriculture in Israel and worldwide. Be careful from imitation! Only METEOR produces the Photo-Selective Bionet®


Meteor Warranty for BioNet® 50 mesh

Technical details:

Weave: 50 mesh, 20/10
Shade percentage: 40% or 24%
Color: White or Clear
Weight per sqm: 140 gram
Material: HDPE + special additives
UV resistance (years): 5

Can be recyclable and it is friendly to the environment
Made in Israel

Application picture:

SHY 1866