Photo-Selective Red net 18%

Photo-Selective Red net 18% shade protects the crop against damage from hail, wind and sun burns that cause damage to the fruits and trees. The net reduces abrasions in the fruits and can save use of water up to 30%. The net can protect against big insects, birds and bats. The net is very strong. In addition to all that the net transmit more light in the red wave length of spectrum of light and that cause to important changes in different crops, like in Bell Pepper that grow under red net, those plants give more quality yield in compare to plants that grow under Black net. In Apple fruit trees this net promote more bigger fruits, In some verities of Table Grape this net promote more yield in a dramatically way etc'.

This net can be used in light structures in fruit trees, Table Grape, vegetables and other crops. This net mainly used in Apple and Table Grape in Israel and in Spain.


Meteor Warranty for Woven Red net

Technical details:

Weave: 12 mesh, 5/3
Shade percentage: 18%
Color: Red
Weight per sqm: 75 gram
Material: HDPE
UV resistance (years): 3

Can be recyclable and it is friendly to the environment
Made in Israel