Woven Black net 40%

Woven Black net 40% gives a moderate shade of 40% shade and protects the crop against fruit flies and bigger insects. The net prevents the penetration of those insects to the structure and by that the crop is safe. Thanks to this net the grower can have more yield and better quality from his crop, with much less spraying chemicals. In addition to that the crop has much more ventilation in compare to crop that grow under more density nets like 40 mesh. This net can be used in all stable structures in vegetables, herbs and flowers that need protection against insects and shade.

Meteor Warranty for Woven or Knitted Black, White, Pearl and Transparent nets

Technical details:

Weave: 25 mesh, 10/8
Shade percentage: 40%
Color: Black
Weight per sqm: 120 gram
Material: HDPE
UV resistance (years): 5

Can be recyclable and it is friendly to the environment
Made in Israel